Motor Control

Sunline have designed and manufactured Motor Control Centres for the Water, Mining and Indutry sectors for over 30 years. Form 3 and 4 fully segregated modular construction, Type-Tested by an ASTA approved test station for applications which demand high quality switchboards for installations having prospective fault levels and a system voltage up to 500V 50 or 60 Hz. Plug in demountable or fixed panel designs. Design options include front connected, rear connected or back to back types of construction.

Compact design allows for up to 12 x 15 KW modules per tier and 24 modules for back to back arrangements. Our Motor Control Centre is designed to enable easy modification on site to change modules without the need for expensive changes to the enclosure and busbar connections.

  • Modular or Custom Built assembly
  • Form 1 to Form 4B
  • 50kA for 3 seconds, or 63kA for 1 second
  • Up to 3200A for main busbar
  • Up to 1200A for vertical droppers
  • Single Sided / Back-to-Back / Back connect arrangement
  • IP42 (Higher IP ratings available on request)
  • Arc fault containment to Annex ZD